Double Pizza Hut in Cheesy Pops

Media men attended the double treat by Pizza Hut for the launch of Cheesy Pops N' Dip pizza. The event featured a back to back movie and TV commercial screening for Pizza Hut's latest masterpiece.

Pizza Hut wanted to add a playful element to the whole pizza dining experience. This brought about the birth of one of its great successes. Taking things a step further from the ingenious Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut caused everybody to rave about the 'pullable' outer crust made of an explosive mix of three cheeses. All the fun entailed from eating it made it a favorite among families and friends.

Continuing its legacy in pioneering product innovations, Pizza Hut took surefire hit for a spin and created another showstopper - the Pizza Hut Cheesy Pops N' Dip. With a new twist, there's more to the 'pullable' cheese-filled pops made of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheeses that is currently enjoyed.

With a new twist, Pizza Hut adds more to the fun by offering thick and rich cheddar dip to go along with it! Their favorite Cheesy Pops Pizza now comes with a rich cheddar dip at no extra cost! There are now even more exciting ways to eat pizza with all the pulling and dipping that people will surely enjoy.

This creative "interaction" is what its new product is all about. The 30- second commercial showcased the Cheesy Pops N' Dip experience through a kid's point of view. In the commercial, the kid is seen imagining that the dipping of the Cheesy Pops was a competing diver immersing into a swimming pool. This association kept the viewers engaged and even more thrilled to have a bite of the new Cheesy Pops N' Dip Pizza.

So what else are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest Pizza Hut and be sure to bring your friends. 'Cause with the new Cheesy Pops N' Dip, the fun possibilities are definitely endless.