Commission on Elections in Manila To Review Tubigon Petition

The Commission on Elections in Manila has received the three petitions filed by Tubigon mayoralty bet Tony Herrera against the incumbent mayor and the local Comelec chief.

Sources at Herrera's camp said the outcome of the petitions may be due before the official start of the campaign trail on March 25.

Copies of the three petitions have also been sent to provincial Comelec supervisor lawyer Fe Virginia Odtohan and the same were forwarded to the regional office of the Comelec.

The petition filed on Jan. 31 sought the immediate reassignment of duty of Tubigon's Comelec assistant registrar Dolores Moniza-Boligao, a first cousin of Tubigon mayor Paulo Lasco.

Ealier, Odtohan, taking action on Herrera's move, had indicated that Boligao would be one of the Comelec officials to be revamped before the start of campaign sorties.

Another petition to be reviewed by Comelec Manila is the hiring of three casuals â€" Esterlita Delos Santos, Violeta Falcon and Deodith Cirunay â€" by Lasco and assigning the three to the Comelec office in Tubigon.

Herrera and his camp believed that since the three were hired by Lasco, they would be loyal to the mayor. Their wages are sourced out from the general fund of the mayor's office.

Tubigon Comelec officer Cirilo Esperanza Jr. had admitted it was Lasco who offered that the three be deployed at the Comelec office.

The most recent petition has charged Lasco and Esperanza for alleged graft and corrupt practices.

In the complaint, Herrera said the casuals were hired to work with the poll body even without the approval of the Comelec.


Perceived as an initial effort to defend his reelection bid, Lasco on Thursday called a meeting among the 34 barangay heads.

Only 18 of the 34 barangay chiefs came over.

There was no immediate report if the 16 who did not attend the meeting have shifted alliance to Herrera. - 2004 News Archive