Bohol Wedding: Abapo and Aranas


TOWARDS Christmas 26 years ago, one mother in Davao City and another in Tagbilaran City were infanticipating. They did not know it then, but they and their babies – and their husbands – were destined to meet.

Today, their lives are entwined because as the babies approach their 27th birthdays, they will wed. The "little girl they carried" is now blushing bride-to-be Dale Rose Cuyno Abapo, 26 going on 27 on Dec. 25, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with major in the French language and now working at the Canadian Embassy in Makati City . She is the daughter of Provincial Administrator Tomas Abapo Jr. and Ubay Municipal Councilor Roselima Cuyno-Abapo. The true-blue Bol-anon has roots in Ubay (Cuyno), Bien Unido and Talibon (Abapo), Baclayon (Alas) and Tagbilaran (Dahab and Remolador). The "little boy they played" is now dashing groom-to-be Carlo Aranas, also 26 going on 27, a metallurgical engineer working at P&G in Laguna, Metro Manila. He is the son of Perfecto Aranas and Corazon Jimena-Aranas. The Davao-born engineer also has roots in Manila and Bohol , particularly the Jimena and Aranas clans.

Do playing tennis and playing the piano have something in common? Yes – if the players are Carlo and Dale. The lovebirds were schoolmates at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City . The common denominator is their one heart: set to be blessed in nuptials at the Saint Joseph 's Cathedral in Tagbilaran on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 9:30 a.m. Msgr. Cirilo Darunday Jr. will be the main celebrant with Msgr. Margarito Gonzaga, Rev. Fr. Florante Camacho, Rev. Fr. Crispin Varquez and Rev. Fr. Cecil Lobrigas as co-celebrants. Dale will be wearing a Nikka Velayo gown. The entourage will wear barongs and gowns around the cranberry and champagne motif. The church and reception décor will be done by Joyce with the bouquet supplied by 1st Flower Avenue. QP Designs prepared the invitations while the wedding cake is a signature of Ramirez Cakehouse. Recording the event in stills is John Aguas Photography while Ramasola Original takes charge of the videography. As the couple exchange "I do's," love songs will fill the air courtesy of the world renowned Loboc Children's Choir.

The principal sponsors are Gov. Erico and his wife Peregrina Cabagnot-Aumentado, Rep. Edgar Chatto and Ma. Victoria Gaviola-Puno, Matthew Mark Ciavaglia and Judge Irma Zita Masamayor, Revenue District Officer (RDO) Orlandio Chio and Exelsa Lara-Chio, Ex-Gov. Roldan Dalman and Clara Japson-Dalman, Ronald Landry and Lourdes Abapo-Landry, RDO Romeo Naranjo and Lorna Jareña-Naranjo, RDO Ramer Narvaez and Edna Namit-Narvaez, Judge Avelino Puracan and Dr. Rosalinda Lamdagan-Timaan, Asst. Commr. Nestor Valeroso and Estrella Villagracia-Valeroso. Oamar Nanaig Gianan is the best man while Shary May Manuta is the maid of honor. The groomsmen are Engr. Val Thomas Abapo, Engr. Erwin Mark Quianzon, Anwar Gamaliel Pangyarihan, Lou Rafael Cañedo and Adam Relson Jala while the bridesmaids are Raissa Aranas, Sandra May Grupo, Riva Tambis, Almabelle Abapo and Angeli Sumaoy. The candle sponsors are Marlon Aranas and Tonette Marie Aranas. The veil sponsors are Dennis Eusebio and Abigail Joy Laguerta while the cord sponsors are Lester Solamo and Jean Lucilla Estavilla. The lunch reception will be at the Sandugo Ballroom of the Bohol Tropics Resort in Tagbilaran while the evening reception will be at the Abapo Family Home in Laya, Baclayon, Bohol.

Bohol Drug Problem

The local team of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) strives to be on top of the situation as it remains a challenge to outsmart the wealthy illegal drugs ring that contrasts government scarcity.

PDEA-Bohol head Ma. Chona Egam lamented that the lack of resources and manpower often hamper their operation, especially that they have to implement simultaneous programs on supply reduction and demand reduction.

The drug ring proved to be wealthier than the government agency and, therefore, could move faster.

Egam also expressed disappointment that of the cases they had filed against drug personalities, there were more acquittal than conviction.

On this, PDEA needs to double time in polishing the evidence gathering and surveillance operations, she added.

With limited personnel, it became impossible for the PDEA to create different teams to whom the tasks could supposedly be segregated.

Usually, there is only one team to focus on all the strategies, resulting to lack of focus and disintegrated moves.

Egam said PDEA has to deal with several tasks at one time. They have to continue the surveillance, case profiling and buy-bust operations against noted drug personalities.

At the same time, they have to attend court hearings and proceed with the information dissemination on the ill effects of drug abuse.

In every month, they have to accomplish all these tasks.

The PDEA, however, managed to achieve remarkable accomplishments in the fight against illegal drugs.

"The harmonious and concerted effort with the local law enforcement units of the province has been the key factor in the many remarkable achievement in the campaign against dangerous drugs trafficking in Bohol Province. With this, we recommend the continuation of the sustained, relentless, and consistent campaign of every law enforcement units," Egam said.

As part of PDEA's supply reduction program in the month of February, Egam said they received coordination of one surveillance, casing and test-buy operation.