Anda, Bohol Best Place in Bohol Island

Anda, Bohol - Feverish preparations are underway as this cape town is to host the first international sports event --- international triathlon --- slated on December 2-4, 2011, said Vice-Mayor Paulino Amper in an exclusive interview last week.

In separate interview, municipal tourism officer-designate Arvin Deligero Rubillos confirmed this, adding that Timex company is one of the sponsors of the event.

Amper said that organizers of the big event have visited here to see for themselves and decided to hold it here after finding that the town offers the ideal arena for the sport said to be the first to be held in the Visayas and Mindanao. He was then reluctant to accede of the holding of the event because of lack of infrastructure and services. But he realized that his may be an opportunity as it will definitely boost the town's tourism promotion for more investments that eventually generate job opportunities.

What worries him most is that the town may not be able to offer and accommodate the influx of participating personalities and visitors due to lack of accommodation services. In fact, he said, some of the beach resorts here have already been fully loaded with reservations ahead of the event schedule. Some of those who failed to booked at the resorts may be accommodated in home-stay at some residence here.

The town located at the easternmost part of the province is home to several low and high-end resorts and scuba shops/resorts established earlier. Among them are Anda White Beach, Flower Beach Resort, Dapdap Resort, Anda Public Beach Resort and dive resorts.

The municipality boasts of its nature-endowed beauty in the kilometric stretch of unspoiled white powdery sand that can equal other places with striking rock formations, tranquil place for vacation and swimming, turtle sanctuary, whale-and-dolphin visits, rich manganese material deposits and recently, the Tarsiers. It has also developed La Manok island of caves and cultural heritage such as the old houses and century stone church and people's hospitality and values.

The municipal officials and townsfolk led by Mayor Angelina Simacio and Amper are rushing the construction of building for restaurant at the public market area and another --- Anda Seafood Market and Restaurant at the public white beach owned by the municipal government to cater the needs of the visitors of the event.

The latter Seafood Restaurant and cottages at the public beach is funded by Senator Chiz Escudero's pork barrel in the amount of PhP500,000 to augment the local funds. Amper said he is confident the construction will be completed just in time for the event.