Bohol Philippines Politics and Elections in 2010

By Boy Guingguing, Sunday Post

Elections are all about hostility not unity 

Forget about unity. Think about hostility. That's elections are all about.

Why should our candidates foist on the electorate the merits of unity when

elections should have meant voters are given the freedom to choose. 
First of all, elections are taken to mean the collision of hostile forces. For if political exercises are meant to be a choice between two friendly forces we might as well abdicate our right of suffrage to our so-called leaders who have the temerity of dictating our choices. 

In elections past, we had seen how leaders dictated the tempo of elections by herding candidates under one party. 

The coming one promises to end  all the scandalous machinations  of the powers-that-be to foster unification. 

What use to be the order of the day of elections past  became clearer to the common man that indeed the 2010 electoral combat is one that promises the electorate the right of a lifetime on the  basis of his own free will. 

If the exhilarating scenario of a do-or-die confrontation in the second district congressional derby, then it mirrors what is going to happen in other contests in another congressional fight like the first district. Never mind the third district, it was to the good fortune of Arthur Yap that he will run unopposed after his supposed opponent backed out at the last minute.
The showdown between Cong. Edgar Chatto and V-Gov. Julius Herrera for governor is another heart stopping spectacle that pit two formidable opponents. Although third running Cesar Montano is not to be discounted because he may  pull a pleasant surprise like a come from behind victory. 
The duel between Gov Erico Aumentado and Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes is the most awaited contest  after protagonists are loaded financially or otherwise. 

On the surface, Mayor Cajes is an underdog considering her track record is only confined in the small town of Trinidad but she is no pushover knowing that her principal backer is her husband who happens to be a three-term congressman. 

Besides, it was widely believed  that while Amentado has President Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo as his fairy god mother, Cajes is also reported to be the faired girl of the First Gentleman. Remember when Cong. Cajes was the chair of the Congress Ethics Committee where he absolved the FG of  having a bank account in Germany? What went with it is the Filipino trait of utang na loob,  and the FG definitely,  has lots of it. 

If the second district tussle is some sort of a proxy war between two powerful political  figures, then nobody can tell who is who on top of the situation. 

The first district congressional battle is another thriller in the making. 
With Oscar Glovasa enjoying the backing of City Mayor Dan Neri Lim there's no telling that Rene Relampagos will consider his congressional bid a walk in the park. 

Knowing Dan Lim, he is not the kind who runs away from a good fight. 

Relampagos is also a hard nut to crack. A veteran of several elections even at a young age, Relampagos knows the nuances of winning and losing elections. But what seems to be a fly on his ointment is his "wandering Jew tag". For all his good intentions to serve the district that he rightfully belongs, what has become a political albatross on his part was when he  engaged in forum shopping as in this case of his transfer to a new district after being repudiated in his last Congress bid in the third district. 

Whether it will become a hot issue in the coming polls remains to be seen but it will  surely crop up like a sore thumb in the coming elections that may affect his successful Congress bid. 

In the meantime, with all the matches in the provincial and congressional derbies vying for the voters' attention, what is there to expect is a once in a lifetime experience for voters that they are not confronted with friendly pairings  but  cases of  immovable objects meeting  irresistible forces. That's the kind of elections the people have been longing for and what a way to enjoy them.

Election Scandal in Bohol

Editorial: Sunday Post
Something tells us the on-and-off affair of Lakas-Kampi with Gov. Erico Aumentado is not over. Earlier dumped by Lakas as official bet for his old congressional seat, Aumentado is back in the good graces of the administration party when his certificate of nomination and acceptance (Cona) was restored.

   In effect, Lakas also revoked the Cona issued to Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes. This sets the stage for one of the most bitterly fought electoral battles in next year's elections.

   Of course, the interesting sidebar to this tussle was the manner in which Aumentado was nearly elbowed out by the combined forces of Rep. Edgar Chatto and Rep. Roberto Cajes. In spite of all their professions of innocence, there is no doubt about the part that they played in the whole drama.

   Granting that party higher-ups were the ones who lowered the boom on Aumentado, no one bit the canard that they were unaware of it. If they were unaware of the charges of disloyalty against Aumentado, they are one of two things: they are completely ignorant of local developments or they are downright stupid.

   Of course, the two gentlemen are neither ignorant of developing events nor stupid. This leads to the conclusion that they were the ones who cooked the virtual slap on the face of Aumentado.

   From the look of things, Mayor Cajes will pursue her candidacy. As to whether she will fight it out inside Lakas or run as an independent, only future events will tell.

   Aumentado emerged a big winner in this strange episode of betrayal among erstwhile inseparable party mates simply because he was the victim. He played his role well as a senior statesman stabbed in the back by the upstarts.

   The governor is also expected to parlay to his advantage the fact that Rep. Cajes is his virtual creation and that Mayor Cajes is coming out as an eager beaver who should give way to Aumentado who is riding into the sunset.

   Another big winner is Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera who is expected to benefit from the negative publicity Chatto is getting in the aborted ouster of Aumentado. Herrera is expected to make his move and seize the momentum.

   The Cajes couple need to repair the damage done against them before the bar of public perception. With one daughter also waiting in the wings, the dynasty issue was already a major issue until this controversy came.

   It is too early to tell how far Chatto was affected in the row. It is safe to assume though that in the aftermath, he is left suffering from a credibility crisis. 

Ambush in Bohol Philippines

Two unknown gunmen armed with a 9 mm pistol and another a 45 cal. firearm waylaid Board Member Josil Trabajo while on board a government-issued Isuzu Crosswind Wednesday evening but fortunately for the lawmaker, his live-in partner and their child as the three car occupants, escaped unhurt. 

The kind of firearms used in the ambush was determined by the spent shells found in the crime scene. 

Trabajo and his common law wife identified as Daisy Comahig, of legal age, and now residing along Banat-i Road in Dampas district, this city, just came in from the Bohol Tropics where they presumably had dinner. 

When the Trabajo family was near their rented apartment in Dampas, two men came from behind and peppered their vehicle with bullets. 

At least three bullets holes were found in the door panel and rear window of the car but failed to hit its mark which apparently was the board member. 

When Trabajo sensed that he was being targeted for assassination, he immediately ordered his driver to speed off. This was the time when the gunmen shot at the fast moving vehicle missing its target. 

At least two angles were being looked into by police investigators. Police are looking into the possibility that it was a case of mistaken identity or possibly the handiwork of hired guns on orders of a principal who must have something to do with the public official's romantic relations. 

Trabajo has long been separated with his wife who is now in the United States. 

When interviewed right after the incident, Trabajo claimed that his companion was his wife only to correct himself that the other occupant in the car was his live-in-partner. 

In a report from Police Supt. Julius Cesar Gornez to Provincial Director Eduardo Ingking of the Bohol Philippine National Police, the city police chief   reported that in a subsequent investigation, he was informed that the board member's legal wife in the US threatened him with harm. The death threat was confirmed no less by Trabajo. 

In zeroing in on the possible motives of attempted murder, Supt. Gornez likewise dismissed speculations that it was politically motivated. 

According to Trabajo, he cannot remember that there was an existing threat on his life during his entire political career. 

However, only lately, the board member from Carmen was in the news after he and eight others including former mayor Pedro Budiongan,Jr. were acquitted of an anti-graft case that spanned all of eight years before the Sandiganbayan  found them innocent of graft charges. Trabajo was haled to court in his capacity as former vice mayor of Carmen. As a result of the criminal case, the former Carmen vice mayor was suspended for 90 days. 

He just finished serving his suspension when the acquittal came. 

Trabajo is running for reelection as board member of the third district under the Lakas- Kampi CMD banner.  

Bohol Smuggling Scandal

A Bohol unit of the Philippine Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) is under fire after it conducted a two-day operations against local businessmen resulting in arbitrary interceptions of goods and commodities getting out of the city insular wharf.  

Crying foul against the unnecessary searches were the Provincial Development Council and the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry which took the cudgels for the local businessmen who felt harassed by the PASG-Bohol. 

But Rommel Manhilot a.k.a as Rommel Montano, an actor and younger brother of gubernatorial candidate Cesar Montano who claims to be the director of the local PASG unit, said that there was nothing irregular in their operations.  The elder Montano is also an actor and a multi-awarded at that. 

On December 9-10, Montano's group made up of 10 men, mounted a checkpoint at the city pier to inspect the import documents of Bohol-bound cargoes.  

Just like Montano, its team leader is another Baclayon native identified as Greg Quinal. 

According to Montano, if there's anybody who's more careful of not doing any unlawful act, it would be him knowing the impact it will bear on the candidacy of his brother. 

However, the Baclayon native said he cannot reneged on his mandate to implement the intent of Executive Order No. 624. The executive fiat created the PASG to apprehend, seize, investigate and prosecute acts involving smuggling, unlawful importation and other similar violations, and providing measures to curtail smuggling and expedite proceedings. 

Montano said contrary to some allegations, his team was maintaining utmost courtesy in making inspections of import documents that passed through the city pier.

The PASG official said his attention was called by Malacanang that Bohol ports including the City Tagbilaran was used as transshipment point of illegal drugs and firearms. 

Asked what was the reaction of his brother-politician, after his name was graded in the PASG controversy Montano quoted his sibling as saying "for as long as you're doing your job, it's okay with me". 


The PDC met on December 10 at the Bohol Tropics Resort Club and presided over by Gov. Erico Aumentado to tackle the PASG issue.

After getting hold of the BCCI complaint, the PDC swung into action to inquire into the legality of the PASG operations.

The two bodies also questioned Montano's authority for directing such arbitrary interception, and furthermore, vehemently protested his questionable procedures, which are inimical to the economic development of the entire province;

The so-called arbitrary interception was made on delivery trucks and other vehicles carrying Christmas goods and other commodities in the port of Tagbilaran city and in other ports throughout the province of Bohol by the PASG unit.

The controversial PASG activities came at a time when Trade Sec. Peter Favila was in town. Without missing a beat, the two bodies appealed to the trade secretary for expeditious action.

The PDC and BCCI also sought the assistance of Department of Finance Secretary Gary Teves, Bureau of Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales, and PASG head, Undersecretary Antonio Villar Jr. to look into their complaints in relation to the activities of the anti-smuggling group in Bohol.i

Asked if Montano was a duly authorized PASG agent, he said he has a mission order to authenticate his appointment as the body's director for Bohol.

Montano showed up to the Post offices  yesterday after he was tipped off that his team's conduct at the city pier was subjected to a thorough inquiry by the city's business sector.

According to the PDC resolutio,n this unannounced and highly questionable interception has resulted to the interruption of the normal flow of delivery of basic commodities to the consuming public, even locally-produced goods such as sugar and fertilizers, thereby causing inconvenience to a great number of businesses, especially large distributors such as the Alturas Group of Companies, Bohol Quality Corporation, and AH Shoppers Mart, and adversely affecting economic activity during the Christmas Season,


PDC also noted that it's the first time that the City of Tagbilaran and Province of Bohol have experienced the "highly questionable act of interception" that caused anxiety and confusion in the business community and among customers, aside from the negative impression regarding affected businessmen.

The businessmen pointed out during the meeting that they were transporting locally-produced goods which could have no other sources but the farms and local manufacturers.

BCCI members clarified that they fully support the objectives and goals of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's Executive Order 624 that created PASG issued on May 21, 2007.


The local businessmen said the operation of Montano's team can be tantamount to harassment.

"This act of interception may even be branded as a form of harassment, since the General Manager of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) in Bohol, Manuel Boholano, has explicitly declared in a meeting with the BCCI that interception of business operations is proper and permissible only when there is an intelligence report of anomaly," the resolution stated.

The businessmen further complained that Montano's intercepting team even asked for official receipts of the goods when it has long been a business practice to keep official receipts in the company office for security and safekeeping, and the company driver and staff only carry with them the Bill of Lading for the commodities. 

Lakas-Kampi-CMD officially reinstated Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado

Lakas-Kampi-CMD officially reinstated Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado as candidate for congressman in the second district and revoked the Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) of Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes, wife of third-termer Second District Representative Roberto Cajes.

      A letter from the national directorate of the ruling party dated December 4, 2009 reached the provincial office of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on November 9 through LBC, affirming Aumentado's CONA and revoking Mayor Cajes'.

      Copies of the communication were also furnished to Aumentado, Mayor Cajes and the Law Department of Comelec head office.

      This time, it's signed by Lakas-Kampi CMD president, Sarangani Governor Miguel Rene Dominguez, and Lakas-Kampi CMD Secretary-General Francis Xavier Manglapus.

      This resolved the issue between Aumentado and Mayor Cajes as to who holds the valid CONA for the congressional slot in the second district.

      The conflict among local stalwarts of the ruling party sparked when Mayor Cajes filed her certificate of candidacy for the congressional seat in the second district barely half an hour before midnight of December 1 with a CONA issued based on the revocation of Aumentado's, following alleged information from the party's "intelligence network" that showed the governor's disloyalty to the party.

      Aside from proving his loyalty to the party, Aumentado also questioned the validity of the communication that revoked his CONA.

      Moreover, the party's letter to the provincial election supervisor dated December 1, 2009 which affirmed Mayor Cajes' CONA and revoked Aumentado's was signed only by Manglapus and party deputy secretary-general Raymundo Roquero. The governor asserted that the party rules require the signatures of both the party president and the party secretary-general in the candidates' CONA.

      Aumentado also questioned why the letter only mentioned the affirmation of Cajes' CONA and revocation of his, without mentioning the reasons for the supposed revocation.

      The December 4 communication stated that the party reinstates Aumentado as its official candidate for the second district congressional race with CONA no. 22565.

      The communication hereby revoked the CONA with serial no. 22522 issued for the supposed candidacy of Mayor Cajes in the second district congressional race.

      Aumentado explained that the new communication is an official document that attests he is the "solo" candidate of Lakas-Kampi CMD for congressman in the second district.

      He explained that it also retroacts the CONA's validity to the date it was issued and filed before the Comelec.

      The governor added that the national directorate of Lakas-Kampi CMD came up with the decision after he appealed for the reversal of his CONA's revocation, citing a malicious ploy designed by some partymates in the local chapter.

      As Aumentado questioned the validity of the communication revoking his CONA, he pointed out that under the regulations of Lakas-Kampi CMD, only the party president and party secretary-general can sign the CONA.

      In his case, the governor explained that his CONA was signed on November 18 by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Gabriel Claudio who were then the party president and secretary-general, respectively.

      It was during the national convention on November 19 that Ermita quit as party president and replaced by former deputy secretary-general Manglapus, while Governor Dominguez of Sarangani assumed Claudio's post as secretary-general.

      The CONA of Mayor Cajes dated November 30, 2009 was then signed by Dominguez and Claudio, though its serial number came prior to Aumentado's.

      Hours after Aumentado filed his certificate of candidacy, Cajes followed suit at around 11:40 pm of December 1 with the assumption that the party had already revoked the governor's CONA based on the communication, also dated December 1, 2009, signed by Manglapuz and Roquero.

      Aside from this account, Aumentado also cited "treachery of the highest order" on the part of some partymates.

      In the December 11 episode of his weekly radio program, The Governor Reports, Aumentado expressed gratitude to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Lakas-Kampi-CMD vice president for membership Prospero "Butch" Pichay Jr. for giving him "justice".

      Meanwhile, Provincial Board Member and Liga ng mga barangay president Concepcion Lim conceded to the original offer of the local hierarchy to field her to the vice gubernatorial race in tandem with First District Representative Edgar Chatto and filed her COC few minutes after Third District Representative Adam Relsom Jala withdrew his at around 8:30 am on December 14 citing "personal and family" reasons.

      Jala had already decided to quit politics earlier, but came back to the picture as an eleventh-hour pick of the party when Lim decided to back out.

      Lim's back-out opted the local arms of the ruling party to field Jala who came to the Comelec provincial office a few minutes before midnight- -clad in shirt, shorts and slippers- -to file his COC as vice gubernatorial bet of Lakas-Kampi-CMD.

      But right after filing his COC, Jala explained he was just complying party orders and hinted there would be changes as he never wanted to clash against his uncle- -retired provincial schools division superintendent Elpidio Jala- -who is running as vice governor of actor-director Cesar Montano under the Liberal Party.

      According to Aumentado, Lim dropped by his residence at around 11 pm before proceeding to the Comelec office that night to inform that Chatto and former governor Rene Relampagos- -the party's candidate for congressman in the first district- -had been convincing her to run for vice governor and that her CONA was already at the provincial Comelec office.

      Aumentado said he advised Lim to ignore the offer, saying Representative Cajes- -who was the original pick for vice governor- -might use it as a reason to field his wife, Mayor Cajes, to run against him (Aumentado) in the second district congressional race.

      Lim, then, proceeded to the provincial Comelec office to inform that she won't be filing a COC and saw the Cajes couple there.

      So, she returned to Aumentado's residence to tell the governor that he was right as Representative Cajes had also called her, informing that he would back out to accommodate her as Chatto's runningmate.

      But Lim declined, leaving Chatto's group with no other choice but the younger Jala.

      Aumentado said Representative Jala came to his house early morning the next day to explain.

      Manglapus also explained through an interview over a local radio station the day after the deadline that the party revoked Aumentado's CONA based on the information gathered by the party's "intelligence network" that showed the governor's disloyalty to Lakas-Kampi CMD.

      He said the party's "intelligence network" had been monitoring the activities of partymates in Bohol and the result allegedly found questions on the political loyalty of Aumentado.

      Manglapus described it as a thorough monitoring and consultation with local leaders including mayors and other "reliable" sources.

      However, majority of the mayors and the Provincial Board members disputed Manglapus' claim in the presence of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, the party's official candidate for congressman in the third district, during the emergency meeting and consultation that the governor called that morning.

      Yap had to cancel his early morning flight for Manila that day and went to the governor's residence upon the instruction of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to confirm if reports were true that there was an attempt to convince the mayors to jump to Senator Manny Villar's camp.

      The mayors and the local legislators belied the report and instead attested that in their past meetings, Aumentado had consistently expressed gratitude to the Arroyo administration for the mega projects that the national government poured on the province which never came during the stint of the past governors. And to ensure their sustainability and full implementation, Aumentado asked them to support the administration candidates. (Angeline Valencia)

Book Week in Inabanga Bohol

  If the current interest in books and transformation of students into voracious readers are the gauge, then the celebration in Inabanga of the 75th National Book Week was a success,

  The celebration that has become a tradition especially for local libraries revolved around the theme Kaaya-ayang Magbasa, sa Kapaligirang Kay Ganda.

  Highlighting the celebration were the book display at the lobby of the municipal hall and an information quiz that focused on women who pioneered and excelled in the field of arts, sports, history and sciences.

  Vice Mayor Wenceslao Lao welcomed the participants composed of three senior students per delegation from all public and private schools in the municipality - the Saint Paul's Academy (SPA), Southern Inabanga High School (SIHS) and Inabanga High School (IHS).

  Corazon dela Torre of SIHS bagged the first place while Ma. Verzomena Estillore and Aldrian John Añana both of SPA landed on the 2nd and 3rd places.

  The distribution of certificates and monetary prizes to the winners capped the activity. Non-winners also received certificates and consolation prizes.- Sunday Post

No More NPA Rebels in Bohol

The communist insurgency in Bohol has been crushed, making it as the first province in the country to meet the deadline set by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before she steps down in June 2010, according to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP).

The deadline is to defeat the left-leaning New People's Army (NPA).

The declaration was made by Bohol Governor Erico B. Aumentado and Col. Allan Luga, commander of the 802nd Brigade of the Philippine Army based on the island province some 600 kilometers south of Manila.

OPAPP said Aumentado made the announcement during a meeting at the Bohol Tropics Resort last Tuesday.

The session was attended by a delegation from Columbia's Office of the High Commissioner for Peace led by Alejandro Eder, political advisor of the Office of the High Presidential Counselor for Reintegration.

Other members of the Columbian delegation were Miguel Suarez, Ms. Maria Lucia Uepigue and Ms. Andrea Salazar.

While in Bohol, they interviewed former rebels and local officials from the towns of Danao, Sagbayan and Carmen where they were briefed on the Social Integration Program (SIP) of the government being implemented by the OPAPP under Secretary Annabelle T. Abaya.

They were also given an overview of the Philippine experience in containing insurgency through its highly-tested clear-hold-consolidate and develop strategy.

When Aumentado was elected governor in 2001, he ordered a sustained development effort, particularly in the countryside to bring the government closer to the people.

With the help of the military and police in clearing rebel-infested areas, the program proved to be a very successful strategy that eventually broke the backbone of the NPA operating in the province.

The national government, through OPAPP, activated the SIP, ensuring rebel returnees of livelihood.

A rebel who surrenders will be granted P20,000 cash to start a small business for the sustenance of his family.

Under the SIP, a rebel who yields an M16 or M14 rifle will be given P50,000 and another P50,000 in kind such as water buffalo, hand tractor, tricycle or the like if a returnee qualifies after undergoing skills training conducted by government agencies.

Luga also briefed the Columbian visitors on how the communist movement had grown in the province of Bohol in the early 1980s and how it was crushed over a nine-year anti-insurgency drive launched in 2001 using the clear-hold-consolidate and develop strategy.

From a high of 436 rebels operating in Bohol in 2001, the NPA strength was down to zero at the end of October 2009.

"There are no more armed NPA rebels in Bohol. We have not monitored any rebel movement either," Luga said.

He also said that all the 115 barangays under the influence of the NPA in 2001 have been cleared.

Aside from conducting security operations, the military also helped in the construction of 24 school buildings in far-flung areas in Bohol that enabled thousands of children to go to school.

Luga cited the program of Aumentado that focused on the eradication of poverty incidence in the province.

"Poverty incidence was lowered from 53.6 percent to 23.2 percent in a matter of five years and continues to improve," Luga said in his briefing.

"Bohol's success story on counterinsurgency is attributed to sincere and good governance and the strong political will of Boholano leaders to curb poverty," he said.

Luga likewise cited that the booming tourism industry in Bohol "is also attributed to good governance and the improving peace/security situation in the province."

Another big factor that helped the government crush the communist insurgency in the province was the activation of the Bohol Local Integrated Security System (BLISS) and social integration grants ordered by Aumentado to "negate enemy resurgence in the province," he added.

"There is definitely no military solution to an insurgency. The key is the partnership of the local government and other stakeholders," Luga said.

Terminating hostilities with rebel groups is one of the "Beat the Odds" program enunciated by President Arroyo before she steps down in office in 2010.

The others are balanced the budget, education for all, automated elections, transportation and digital infrastructure, heal the wounds of EDSA I, II and III, electricity and water for all, opportunities for livelihood and ten million jobs, decongestion of Metro Manila and develop Subic and Clark.

The "Lambat Bitag" counter-insurgency program launched by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) shortly after the 1986 EDSA revolt, dealt a heavy blow to the NPA.

From a peak of 25,800 in 1986, the NPA strength was down to less than 5,000 at the end of June 2009.

The decline of the NPA in Bohol started when Epitacio Ramirez, alias Commander Vargas, surrendered in 2002 after 27 years in the communist movement.

Some 200 followers of Vargas followed suit and also returned to the fold of law over a seven-year period, dwindling the NPA fighters operating in the province.

The Bohol provincial government also gave a resettlement area for former rebels in addition to the various livelihood programs. (PNA)

Catigbian Bohol Socialized Medicare Service

Catigbian town puts in another innovation worth replicating by local government units: a socialized health service incorporated in a local system called the yellow card. 

By passing Municipal Ordinance Number 6, series of 2009, the town has also successfully institutionalized a program that has become prime tool for some local chief executives who want a sole credit making it appear that he is using his own money to aid his constituents.  

We need to put up a measure that would stop future leaders from appointing his political supporters as beneficiaries, all to the disadvantage of those seriously needing the help, Mayor Roberto Salinas stressed. 

The Yellow Card Ordinance is our humble way of providing the best health care and at the same time sustain the operations of the new Municipal Health Center and Lying in Clinic, Salinas said. 

But considering that we have indigent constituents who would also need to avail of its offered basic medical and health services, we need to identify who these people that the town's meager health aid fund can help, the retired navy captain now steering an agricultural town to its loftiest development record explained. 

Even if out 1,151 indigents of the town can availed of the PhilHealth Out-patient benefit package while some 4,094 households can avail of the free medical services while enrolled in the government socialized medical benefit program, there is a rather huge need to serve those who still could not avail of the same benefits, he claimed.  

He said the yellow card ordinance defines those indigents and issue to the household head the card which makes him and his dependents eligible for the socialized services at the local rural health center. 

Card holders and dependents can avail of free or discounted services including consultations, medicines, laboratory diagnostics and ambulance services, the ordinance showed. 

The ordinance also puts up a body that would identify the beneficiaries according to an inset established criteria or categorization, validation and enrollment or registration until all poor beneficiaries can be hopefully covered, the mayor continued. 

According to the measure, criteria for availment would be based on annual household income over dependents and compared to the annual subsistence threshold of P6,000 or more but lesser than the pegged national poverty threshold of P9,000 per annum. 

The ordinance also puts up a validating mechanism based on housing, source of income, education and landholding. (PIA) 

Anti Illegal Firearms in Bohol Philippines

Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) accounted a total of 1096 fire-arms in its drives since August to September to top all the regional police offices in the implementation of the National Firearms Control Program (NFCP) or Bilang Boga, data from the Central Visayas Regional Police Office revealed.

Meanwhile Cebu Provincial Police Office beat BPPO in active anti-illegal firearms interdiction operations or operation Kontra Boga net when it accounted for 433 in the last four months of operations.
Operations Bilang Boga and Kontra Boga are active police operations to account and recover the estimated forty nine thousand one hundred thirty six loose firearms in line with the NFCP.
It also brought down the final gun registration and licensing amnesty to advance the government's desire to get loose firearms which often end up being used in criminal activities.

The number for BPPO was 25.90 percent of the estimated 4,232 loose firearms from threat groups and criminal elements or those basically un-renewed in the last years, explains PInspector John Gano, Camp Dagohoy Information Officer.

While topping the charts in Bilang Boga operations, or accounting for the loose firearms, Bohol garnered third place in the operation Kontra Boga or the anti-loose fire-arms interdiction operations
BPPO police operatives only accounted 44 firearms during the same period.
BPPO contended with Cebu Provincial Police Office, Cebu City Police Office, Lapulapu City Police Office, Mandaue City Police Office, Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office and Siquijor Provincial Police Office.
Over the achievement, outgoing police director PSsupt Edgardo Ingking said he was just happy that his men delivered and seriously cascaded the national gun amnesty campaign in their areas.
Ranking next to Bohol in Bilang Boga Operation is Siquijor Provincial Police Station, the province with the least criminality ratio in Central Visayas.
Siquijor scored seventy two firearms, all of them unrenewed in the last years over the estimated three hundred thirty seven loose fire arms in the island
In Central Visayas, Cebu Province has the most number of loose firearms at 14,143, followed by Cebu City at 13,585.  

However, Cebu City and Cebu Provincial Offices only managed to score 15.27 and a measly 3.79 percent respectively.
For operation Bilang Boga, following Bohol and Siquijor are Cebu City Police Office, Manadue City Police Office, Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office, Cebu Provincial Police Office and Lapulapu City Police Office.
In Kontra Boga, tailing Cebu Provincial Police Office is Cebu City Police Office, Bohol Provincial Police Office, Siquijor Provincial Police Office, Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office while both Lapulapu City and Mandaue City Police offices score even at sixth. (PIA)

Heritage Marker at House of Late Pres Carlos P. Garcia


NHI Chairman Ambeth Ocampo will lead in the installation of the "heritage marker" at the city residence of the late President along F. Rocha st., and another marker at the CPG house in the remote sitio Luy-a, Talibon town, according to Ardie Batoy, executive director of the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Foundation, Inc.

Former Defense Sec. Campos and his son, Caloy, will welcome Ex-Pres Ramos at the 
PRESIDENT'S HOUSE. The ancestral home of the late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia in the city will be installed the "Heriatge Marker" by the National Historical Institute (NHI) at noontime today with NHI Chair Ambeth Ocampo and former Pres. Fidel Ramos leading the guests. President's city house, now known as Bohol Musuem for a luncheon gathering hosted by the provincial government.

Ramos will have lunch with the Garcia family, the awardees and guests at the Bohol Museum .


The CPG quiz competition at the Bohol Cultural Center starts at 1:30 this afternoon.
The quiz show will focus on the life, works and writings of the late president Carlos P. Garcia, open to first year high school students of public and private schools in the province.

Each secondary school from Tagbilaran City Schools Division is entitled to one contestant, while the Bohol Schools Division is allotted three slots per congressional district, for a total of twenty-four contestants.

Through the activity, the city schools division aims "to generate awareness and sense of pride among young Boholanos of having President Garcia as the most illustrious son of Bohol", according to Dr. Erlinda Mahinay, the OIC of the Office the Assistant City Schools Division Superintendent.

It also provides an avenue of "immortalizing the life, good deeds and contributions of President Garcia in the history of nation-building", Mahinay said.


Still in honor of the late President Carlos P. Garcia, a medical-surgical mission in his town will run from November 6-14.

The Aloha Medical Mission will do the surgical procedures at the Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital in Talibon.

The activity has been set to benefit hundreds of Boholano indigents who need dental services, major and minor surgical operations
for goiter, ovarian cyst, hernia, colostomy, and cleft-palate reconstruction. - The Bohol Chronicle

Ex Philippine Pres Fidel Ramos in Bohol Island on CPG Day

Former president Fidel V. Ramos and Health Secretary Francisco Duque III will grace today's celebration of the 113th President Carlos P. Garcia Day that will highlight the signing of a memorandum of agreement for the PhilHealth Universal Coverage of indigents.

In behalf of the Garcia family, former Defense Sec. Fernando Campos, son-in-law of the late President together with his son, Carlos "Caloy" Garcia Campos arrived yesterday for today's affair.

Chairman Ambeth Ocampo of the National Historical Institute (NHI) is also gracing today's observance of CPG Day which is declared a non-working holiday in Bohol Province.

The day's activities will kick-off with the traditional flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies at the New CPG Park in Barangay Cogon, this city, to be followed by the commemorative mass at the Bohol Cultural Center .

The commemorative program, still at the Bohol Cultural Center, immediately follows at 9:30 this morning where Ramos will be conferred the President Carlos P. Garcia leadership award of excellence.

The former president will give the keynote address after he receives the award.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III will give a special message prior to the signing of the memorandum of agreement for PhiliHealth Universal Coverage of indigents.

Carlos P. Garcia scholars will also be recognized during the program, and awards will be conferred to DPWH Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. as adopted son of Bohol , while special citations will be given to Catigbian Mayor Roberto Salinas, Jagna Mayor Exuperio Lloren, Napolcom Director Bernardo Calibo, Jail Superintendent Felixberto Jagorin Jr., world boxing champion Nonito Donaire Jr., and Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Evan Ruiz. - The Bohol Chronicle

Bohol Anti-Poverty at Maribojoc Bohol

Artists from Bohol's community theaters would lead the local action to press governments and their leaders across the globe to realize their commitments to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). 

  This as the deadline for the 2015 comes fast and that poorer nations still have to make a dent on the extreme poverty situation despite the pledges of financial commitments from wealthy nations. 

  To insist on the urgency for action, the Boholano community picks activities to show solidarity with the poor of the world by standing up in one venue this October 17, Saturday. 

  The move is to dramatize the call for the government to hear the demands of ending poverty and inequality, claims organizer Lutgardo Labad. 

  Here, amateur theater artists, cultural dancers and an expected huge number of Boholanos would converge at the Maribojoc Cultural Center to make their own statement to advance the commitments of nations as incorporated in the MDGs, he added. 

  Organized with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Council, Capitol and communities of Maribojoc, Cortes, Antequera and Anda along with city based artists, the action also hopes to generate Boholano commitment to help overcome extreme poverty. 

  Last year, Bohol's major activity was the first Bohol Poverty Fair, which allowed international funding agencies to see project proposals, which fit their requirements. 

  The event also gathered Boholanos to show their action in a pledge of commitment read by Vice Governor Julius Caesar Herrera then. 

  Reports claimed that about 43.7 million people joined Stand Up worldwide campaign last year setting a new world record. 

  This year, the United Nations and well meaning organizations are asking people to Stand Up and Take Action on October 17-19, 2008. 

  This will to ensure governments worldwide hear their demands to end poverty and inequality, Labad said. 

  Taking Action to end poverty and inequality and for the Millennium Development Goals is this year's Stand Up call. (PIA)

Bohol Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Development Coucil

Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Development Coucil (P- SMED) officers and members hold its 2nd out of town meeting at the Inabanga Cultural Center on September 16. Marietta Gasatan of the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Indusrty (BCCI) chaired the council which is composed of different government and non- government agencies.

  Gasatan acts as moderator as the group thrashes out its regular agenda with particular concern of Local (Inabanga) Micro, Small and medium Enterprise in Loomweaving and its value chain output.

  Municipal Councilor Amormeo dela Torre, president of (BUWRPA) Bohol United Woven Raffia Association gave a short presentation of the Inabanga Raffia Loomweaving Industry.

  Meanwhile, DTI Provincial Director Nanette Arbon presented a draft of the Bohol Raffia Industry value chain output- a result of the focus group discussion from the municipalities of Inabanga, Tubigon, Danao, Albur and Catigbian .

  It was later decided that Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) together with Department of Labor and Employment will facilitate a socio economic training to all people's organization under the BUWRPA association to strengthen the foundation of the group.

  It was agreed that the council next regular meeting will be on October 21 at Tagbilaran City.

Inabanga Bohol Public Service

  Nothing beats refreshers to ensure that frontliners, especially in the towns, are on their toes where courtesy as well as competent and efficient service to the public are concerned.

  As such, Municipio Inabanga recently initiated a service excellence in the workplace training workshop for department heads, mayor's office staff and Information Community Relations Officers (ICRO).

  Training Division Chief Ella Lachica and Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist Grace Lardizabal from the Center for Industrial Competitiveness (CIC),  a bureau of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) based in Manila flew in for the purpose, accompanied by Blair Panong and Nita Balaba of DTI-Bohol.

  In his statement of purpose, Panong said the local government unit (LGU) is a service industry that should answer the needs of the constituents.

  "This is an attempt to improve the delivery of services that will give us a fresh outlook on how to deal with the constituency being front liners of Team Inabanga," he said.

  Lachica explained the need for service excellence as the constituents' expectations are higher than before.

  She discussed service management, common difficulties in organizational change effort, the right attitude in delivering quality service and understanding the need of the constituents.

  "Your attitude towards clients influences your behavior. You cannot always camouflage how you feel," she pointed out.

  Lardizabal facilitated the workshop in setting quality service standards.

  "The delivery of government service can be improved by setting service standards: establish a target, communicate expectations and create a valuable management tool," she said.

  Reporting of the standards created by group capped the activity. 

Inabanga Bohol Peace Team

Peace workers here have joined hands to prevent crime – a job admittedly not for the police alone, but everybody's concern.

  Municipal employees, members of the municipal and barangay Peace and Order Councils (POCs), barangay officials, tanods and students recently gathered for an orientation on their roles to keep the peace conducted by the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) that Gov. Erico Aumentado chairs.

  Revolving around the theme Krimen Sugpuon, Pamilya Palig-unon, the activity formed part of this town's participation in the nationwide observance of Crime Prevention Month which aims to promote community involvement and participation in crime prevention.

  This town became a stop in the PPOC's provincewide information campaign to generate awareness and promote crime prevention in the common tao.

  Provincial Director Rustica Mascariñas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) led a panel of speakers that discussed the responsibilities of citizens in peacekeeping.

  "This symposium will remind us that peace and order is the concern of everybody in the family and in the community," she said in her statement of purpose.

  She also elaborated the criminal justice system pillars to include crime prevention, law enforcement, prosecution and court, rehabilitation and community. 

  Inabanga Chief of Police, Sr. Insp. Melanio Artiaga welcomed the participants while Ch. Insp. Uldarico Palgan, head of Police-Community Relations of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) explained the role of the community in crime prevention. He acknowledged the role of tanods as their counterparts in implementing peace and order. He also discussed the major activities recommended in OPLAN Sugpo Krimen.

  Meanwhile, Cpl. Reynaldo Colongon, representative of the Philippine Army's 2nd Special Forces Battalion based in Bilar town discussed the Bohol Local Integrated Security System (Bliss) and the barangay security system.

  For his part, SFO4 Gaudioso Subsuban, chief of the Administrative Branch of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Bohol gave prevention tips to avoid fire disasters as well as saving lives and property.

  Aside from Inabanga, the PPOC team also stopped in Ubay, Jagna, Talibon, Carmen and Tubigon towns.  

Balilihan Bohol Non-working Holiday

The Arroyo government has declared tomorrow a non-working holiday in Balilihan in deference to the observance of the town's 181st foundation day.

Dubbed as Sumad 2009, the day also marks the 8th  death anniversary of the town's illustrious son, the late assemblyman Eladio "Kiking' Chatto, father of the incumbent congressman. 

It will be the first time in the history of the twin celebration that the town observes a non-working holiday

Proud Balilinhons have marked Sumad, an annual week-long observance that climaxes on their town's Foundation Day every September 29, and cited unity with their leaders as their key to development. 

Balilihan is emerging as another interior Bohol center of agri-tourism and education which they said only proves the workings of its officials led by Mayor Victoria Chatto and Vice Mayor Dominisio Chatto with the  support of the town's venerable son, the young congressman. 

New vital infrastructures have taken place and existing ones improved, including better roads that provide veins for faster flow of rural economic lifeblood. 

The 181-year-old municipality has finalized its tourism masterplan that harmonizes with the grand design for the ambitious Abatan River Development Project. 

Integrated agricultural technology has been applied to the predominantly farming locality, enabling farmers to attain food-self sufficiency while supplying vegetables and other products to Tagbilaran City markets, even tourism-related establishments like hotels and resorts. 

Rep. Chatto, together with the guests, municipal and barangay officials, yesterday opened the Sumad 2009 Agro-Industrial Fair, another highlight of the celebration which started last Wednesday. 

The week-long festivities will commence on Tuesday with the inauguration of projects like the Bureau of Fire Protection Building, Municipal Health Office extension building for laboratory and dental clinic, soft launching of the Municipal Museum, and inauguration of the Balilihan Central Elementary School Library Hub and three-classroom building. 

As a testimony to its becoming an educational center, Balilihan will mark tomorrow the 1st Foundation Day of the well-equipped Congressional District Library, one of only five in the country today. 

The library stands within the Balilihan Campus of the Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology (CVSCAFT), a technical/vocational/skills institution preparing young Boholanos to be globally competitive.  CVSCAFT's existing main campus is in Bilar. 

There are also Candijay, Calape and Clarin campuses under the CVSCAFT System, which Chatto has worked out to become the first state university in Bohol thru a bill he has principally authored in Congress. 

Balilihan is also home to the new training center of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). 

                                                  SUMAD ACTIVITIES

Another highlight of Sumad 2009 was a mass wedding solemnized inside the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. 

Celebration guests will be treated to demo farm field visits today while the selection and coronation of the Mr. and Mrs. Sumad 2009 take center stage tonight. 

Grand parade and streetdancing competition will enliven the celebration tomorrow afternoon, followed by a film showing at the Congressional District Library and socio-cultural Bayle sa Tibuok Kalibutan in the evening. 

The foundation anniversary finale and celebration closing activities/ceremonies on September 29, Tuesday, will include the Pista sa Nayon and launching rites for Republic Act 9706, Municipal Citizen's Charter, ISWM Ten-Year Plan and BCES Library Hub by concerned agencies with Chatto and town officials who will be joined by guests DepEd Usec. Jesus Galvan, DILG Regional Director Pedro Noval, Jr. and Gov. Erico Aumentado, among others. 

Awards will be given to Balilihan's Ten Outstanding Barangay Officials of the Year (TOBOY), best purok per barangay, outstanding exhibit booths and pinaka products of the agro-industrial fair. 

Balilinhon board and bar passers will likewise be honored as part of the181st Foundation Day and Sumad 2009 finale at the Assemblyman Eladio I. Chatto Sports and Cultural Center. 

Meanwhile, Board Member Alfonso "Ae" Damalerio II took exceptions to brickbats heaped on Cong. Chatto that he did nothing tangible in his own hometown. 

The young board member shared the observations of many Balilinhons that there's such a thing as charity begins at home and Damalerio minced no words in heaping extravagant praises to his mentor—Chatto. 

According to Damalerio, Balilihan would not be the center of  eco-tourism and education without the assistance of Cong. Chatto.

The board member was one of the guests of honor during the opening of the week-long celebration of Sumad 2009 last Wednesday. 

The congressman's wife Pureza pinched hit for her husband during the opening rites. 

This year's celebration rotates on the theme "Kahiusahan: Yawe sa Kalambuan sa Balilihan" or "Unity: Key to the Development of Balilihan." (With reports from Ven Rebo Arigo)  

Clarin Bohol Project

At least two barangays with an estimated 100 hectares of rain-fed rice fields will stand to benefit from a water impounding facility.  

Located in Poblacion Sur, the irrigation project was thru the efforts of Agriculture Sec. Arthur Yap who is on a project giving binge in his capacity as Cabinet steward for Bohol

Yap's effort to give projects outside his turf doused cold water to speculations that his concentration in spreading the gravy of the agriculture department was limited to the third district where he is eyeing the Congress seat. 

The Clarin facility replaced the old one which was wiped out by a water spout which hit the irrigation area last year.

Construction of the project started in earnest and  as of last report the work phase ran the gamut of setting up the stone rip-rap.

The DA allotted P9 million to finish the project.

Aside from Poblacion Sur, the neighboring village of Candajic will also benefit from the irrigation project. 

Baclayon Bohol Basketball

Holy Spirit School Crusaders clobbered a strong SK All Stars of Taguihon, 73-62, in the first game of a twin bill exhibition matches which coincided with the celebration of the feast of their Patron, Sta. Cruz Exaltacion, Monday at the Taguihon hard court.

The Crusaders were never threatened by the much heftier and taller all star team as they showed what they can.

The all star team started hot and made a 6-0 run in the first few minutes as the visiting Crusaders could hardly find their range. Vincent Descallar, a native of Taguihon, led the attack of his team to counter an 8-0 blast to take the upper hand as the buzzer sounded ending the 1st canto, 21-16.

But as the game went through in the 2nd quarter, the All Stars employed a full court trapping defense which yielded positive for the home team to grab the lead by a solitary point at lemon time.

At this juncture both offense and defense of the visitors went anemic allowing their opponents to score without opposition. But their coach Rico Reyes yelling and reminding them from the sideline to strengthen their defense kept offense in motion.  

In the latter part of the 2nd canto saw the Crusader's "heart and soul, "Josh Dominise lying on the floor after he stepped on what of the feet of the opponents in the battle of rebounds. The former UPHR Daltas was sidelined for the rest of the game.

In the 3rd period that ensued, the Crusaders patiently did their patented zone man defense with Vincent Descallar collaring the rebounds and point guard Paul Visarra dictating the tempo of the game which gave them back the driver's seat, 51-40.

And from there the Crusaders never looked back as their prize catch Vincent Descallar waxed hot firing his arsenals from all angles of the court aside from lording over the opponents in the rebounds.

The Crusaders continued to dribble away all those precious minutes until it expires with the final score 73-62.

The 2nd game saw the Taguihon Senior team vowing to D Farm team of Sierra Bullones, 82-86.

The stellar games were made possible through the efforts of Punong Barangay Ma. Vida Batoy Taguihon Barangay Council, SK Chairman Cristy Descallar and Commissioner Marcelo B. Templa.

How they scored:
HSS Crusaders - 73: V. Descallar 27, Visarra 14, C. Descallar 8, Dominise 7, Caseñas 4, Limbaga 4, Atabelo 2, Demata 2, Rocha 2, Tabaloc 0, Pinos 0, Cantoneros 0.
Taguihon SK - 62: Caballo 16, C. Ayaay 14, Apale 10, Laguitao 8, M. Ayaay 7, Sanchez 5, Batoy 4, Balistoy 0, Bugais 0, Mahinay , Malimot 0.
Referees: P. Calizar/H. Pagaran

Tagbilaran City Science High School Virus

Tagbilaran City Science High School Virus stunned the overconfident Holy Spirit School Crusaders, 65-62 in the main game of a heavy quintuplet bill of the inaugurals of the 15th Bohol Schools Amateur Athletic Association 5th Graham C Lim Basketball Challenge, Saturday at the newly refurbished Bohol Wisdom School gym.

Although the come backing Crusaders were bannered by Josh Dominise, a former mainstay of the University of Perpetual Help of Rizal Daltas, they succumbed to the pressure of the trapping defense put up by the sluggish Virus who were led by lanky slot man Matt Alej Tagaytay, with 18 points, strong boy Allen Joseph Aranzado, 16 and wily point guard Roque Gerry Viel Manug, who contributed 13 point aside from his task of orchestrating their offensive patterns.

The score at halftime was, 35-31 in favour of the Virus.

Coach Carlo Cresencio of the University of Bohol Baby Lemurs needs no much pressure as they clawed the Grace Christian School Eagles, 68-38 in the other game.

Last years' bridal finishers, Baby Lemurs never turned their backs as they continued to fire their artilleries with precise accuracy as the game came to an end. The Eagles were never able to give any opposition as the offensive thrust of the Baby Lemurs went flawless.  

The erratic plays displayed by the Crusaders caused them their defeat as the Virus maintained their lead as the final buzzer sounded to nail the final count at 65-62.

The guest of honour, 1st district Representative Edgardo M. Chatto, who puts sports and youth as one of the priorities in his program of government, was not able to attend the opening ceremonies because of his hectic schedule. He was represented by Anthony Damalerio.

His absence, however, did not mean negative to the BSAAA people as he had pledged financial support in the amount of P10,000 to one of its pillars of the tournament.

Beauteous high school student, Ma. Amy Fiel Boc, the muse of the BIT IC Jr Cruisers, was voted as Miss BSAAA 2009. For the victory she received a trophy donated by City Mayor Dan Neri Lim and P500 cash from Grandmas Purified Drinking Water.
Other results:

BWS Golden Dragons, 95 HSS Crusaders B, 43; BIT IC Jr. Cruisers, 90 MHS Blue Marlins, 47; BIL Phoenix, 63 HSS Crusaders C, 33.

BSAAA Commissioner Paul Calizar, revealed that after every game of the BSAAA, there is the Dunkin Do Nut best player of the game. Within which the player who has made outstanding performances shall be chosen. He shall be given a box of Dunkin Do Nuts products.

The following were chosen the best players of the games last weekend:
Alexis Gallardo of BWS Golden Dragons; Matt Alej Tagaytay of TCSHS Virus; Janssen Uy of UB Baby Lemurs; Alfredo Rementizo; Pedrinio Besa III of BILC Phoenix; Dexter Hinampas of HSS mini Crusaders; Kyle Panong of BWS Golden Dragons; Vincent Descallar of HSS Crusaders A; Lamberto Dalagan of GCS mini Dragons; and Roque Gerry Viel Manug of TCSHS Virus.

The 15th BSAAA 5th Graham C Lim Basketball Challenge is ably supported by City Mayor Dan Neri Lim; Dunkin Do Nuts; Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hontanosas and Family; First Consolidated Bank; Atty. Gamaliel Bonje; Mr. & Mrs. Leo Bas Madanguit and Family; Barangay Council of Booy; Dr. Estella Malanog; Engr. and Mrs. Nanding Singson; Bohol Chronicle; Bohol Times; Ex-Gov. Rene Relampagos; BM Yul Lopez; Grandma's Purified Drinking Water; Dr. Aurora Bas Madanguit; Alturas Supermarket Corporation and Congressman Edgar M. Chatto. - the bohol chronicle

University of Bohol Flying Lemures Demolish BIT Cruisers


The University of Bohol Flying Lemures, displaying power and precision basketball, outplayed Monday night the BIT International College Cruisers, 100-89, to clinch the championship crown of the 1st Maribojoc Inter-College Basketball Tournament at this town's sports and cultural center.

Earlier, the Philippine Maritime Institute Navigators subdued the Holy Name University Falcons, 116-104, in a one-sided game for the third place finish.

The two-day cage festivity which started Sunday night was sponsored by the local government unit headed by Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. in coordination with Dep-Ed Maribojoc, the Sangguniang Bayan and the Liga ng mga Barangay.

The championship set to started in a see-saw battle which ended, 24-23, in BIT's favor after the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Cruisers' point maker Dela Cruz waxed hot and scored five successive three-point shots. They enjoyed a six-point margin, 47-41 when the buzzer signaled the end of the first half.

In the final half, UB Head Coach Bogs Arabejo employed his fast-break plays and thru the join efforts of blind pass artist Basco, dunk-shot master Chiong, Morallas, Garcia, Quibol and Genovia, staged a rally and grabbed the driver's seat, 70-69, at third quarter's end.  

In their effort to maintain the lead, BIT bench mentor Jun Legitimas relied on the services of top point-maker Dela Cruz, Biwang, Garcia and Amodia.

In the last quarter, however, the Flying Lemures staged a rally which caught the BIT Cruisers flat-footed. There was no looking back for Arabejo's wards as they engaged on a shooting spree until regulation period. The Flying Lemures enjoyed an 11-point cushion, 100-89, at game's end.

Cruiser Dela Cruz scored a game-high 14 three-point shots to be the championship game's top scorer.

The Flying Lemures went home richer by P8,000 while the Cruisers enjoyed a P6,000 1st runner-up prize. The PMI Navigators and HNU Falcons earned P4,000 and P2,000 respectively.

Maribojoc Sports Facilitator Florante Evasco with the assistance of cage commissioners Dodong Bangalao, Ed Tutor and Bobong Valles, managed the two-day court hostilities.

On the same occasion, sportsman Evasco, an erstwhile Dep-Ed district supervisor, announced the forthcoming Table Tennis Clinic come Sept. 25 and 26, this year, at the town's public market. (with reports from Dongred Redulla).

Bohol Dolphins Swimming Club

The Bohol Dolphins Swimming Club Inc., hosted the first G-League Short Course Swimming Competition Series 1 and 2, for Visayas region last September 13 and 14, at Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex, this City.

It was organized by Philippine Aquatic Sports Association (PASA), the national governing body for Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, and Synchronized Swimming, in accordance with FINA (Federation Internationale de Nation Amateure) rules, and under
Mark Joseph, PASA national president and POC deputy secretary general, graced the opening. Swim clubs from the different parts of Central Visayas Region, such as the, Cebu Blue Marlins Swimming Club from Cebu, with 36 swimmmers, Siliman University Swimming Club from Dumaguete City with 26 swimmers, Negros Blue Dolphins Swimming Club from Negros Oriental with 32 swimmers, and our very own Bohol Dolphins Swimming Club with 25 swimmers, were among the participants of the two-day event with different age-group categories, who vied the qualifying times for the National Championship to be held in Trace, Laguna on Nov. 27-29, 2009.  

Our swimmers from Bohol Dolphins under Coach Manuel Fernandez dominated some of the events were as follows:

Ian Jan Docabo, 2 gold, 6 silver; Emma Alexandrite Duroy, 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze; Daphne Elizabeth Aseniero, 1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze; Brawnwald Ramiro, 1 gold, 5 silver; Sheena Mae Janas, 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze; Job Vincent Aseniero, 3 silver, 1 bronze; Caedmon Rodriguez, 2 silver, 2 bronze; Frits Hanson Oppus, 2 silver; Reginald Ramiro, 2 bronze; Hannah Budlong, 2 bronze; Emma Sapphire Duroy, 2 bronze.

Novice: EJ Vestil, 5 gold; Matthew Lee, 4 gold, 2 silver; Junel Monticino, 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze; Kent Garcia, 2 gold, 4 bronze; Marroj Vestil, 4 silver, 2 bronze; Kyle Obenza, 1 gold; Carlos Garcia, 1 silver.

With the support and cooperation among parents, club members and some private sectors, the attainable has been attained. These above mentioned medalists surely has the potentials to excel as their medal tally speaks which may catapult them to international competitions like the SEA Games and other international events. More surely, this will be realized effectively if our concern government sporting agencies have lend their undying support for the love of sport and development of our youth which one day made Boholanos prouder than ever.

Frank and Gerry Padilla in Bohol Island

Frank Padilla and wife Gerry together with the Country Coordinator of CFC-FFL USA are visiting in Bohol on September 26-27, 2009.

Padilla is the Servant-General of Couples for Christ, Foundation Inc. He will address the General Assembly of leaders and members of CFC-Bohol on September 26, 10:00 a.m., at the Bohol Wisdom School Gym.

The Diocese of Tagbilaran was declared a District of CFCFFL last year while the Diocese of Talibon is awaiting declaration with more than a Vicariate coverage of members from transferees and participants from the latest CLS conducted. He is also scheduled to meet with the CFC-FFL servant leaders in Bohol and Bishop Leonardo Y. Medroso, the Spiritual Director of CFC-FFL, Diocese of Tagbilaran.

We are calling all CFC-FFL members to take this rare opportunity of meeting the Servant General and Founder of CFC. To those in-active CFC members, this is our chance to meet our founder. You are also invited. It's BYOP. For additional information on community matters, here's an article taken from the official website of CFC-FFL. - bohol chronicle

Bohol Chornicle

I noticed lately that some people who search for Bohol news have inadvertently misspelled Bohol Chronicle as Bohol Chornicle. There are many reasons why people commited this spelling blunder. For one, some are in a hurry to type a term or word in Google and hit Enter without checking the spelling.

There are thousands of webmasters who have taken advantage of misspelled words. They bought domain names based on existing popular names and make a website out of them. Some webmasters would even sell the site to the real owner of the name if they deem these misspelled domain names already profitable.

This is exactly what had happened to The popular name is of course (without the "e"), a photo-sharing site acquired by Yahoo. Someone bought the domain name When became popular, was auctioned and the bid started at $6 million.

Hmmm... is not registered yet. Got an idea? Proceed to

Bohol Organic

Gov. Erico Aumentado yesterday strongly pushed for Bohol's organic agriculture after inducting the Bohol Organic Agriculture Management Council (BOAMC) created by his Executive Order No. 20.

Aumentado said the launching of the Bohol Greenlife Program is a sequel to the provincial government's Bohol Green Project which seeks the rehabilitation of the major river watersheds in the province which provide water for irrigation, waterworks, power, and flood control.

The provincial government has a joint venture with the Department of ENviroment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan to rehabilitate the Loboc River Watershed and the Abatan River Watershed.

It is also in tandem with DENR and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to reforest the Wahig-Pamacsalan River Watershed which provides water to Bohol's mega irrigation facilities with the Malinao Dam, the Bayongan Dam and the Capayas Dam as the main beneficiaries in providing water to about 11,000 hectares of riceland in the northeast basin of the province.

Aumentado declared his full support in organic agriculture to restore the soil fertility and nutrients in the farmlands and increase the yield of agricultural production in a more sustainable process.

He ordered a technical working group (TWG) to work on developing more organic fertilizer facilities in Bohol to provide the necessary wherewithals for organic farming.  

The governor said he will include the TWG recommendation in his budget proposal for the Rice Accelerated Enhancement Response (Racer) project of plant now pay later hybrid rice and fertilize now and pay later programs.

The governor has allotted P30 million as revolving fund for Racer, and this could easily reach P40 million in 2010 since agriculture, together with tourism, is the major economic driver of Bohol and he wants to sustain Bohol's agricultural primacy in Central Visayas.

Bohol aligns three major agrarian reform community (ARC) projects

Bohol aligns three major agrarian reform community (ARC) projects for foreign funding and leading officials are confident the province keeps an ace in its sleeves in accessing funds for its implementation. 

The hidden card, provincial agrarian reform officers Atty. Johnson Sinco and Dr. Tony del Socorro point out, is the convergence formula implemented by Bohol leaders. 

Convergence formula is a strategy of cost sharing in the implementation of projects where the beneficiary local government shares in the costs of the project with the funding agency and the community people's organizations.
Here, a barangay government fund is propped up with the share from the provincial government, other government agency in the area concerned with battling poverty.

Even the people's organization puts up labor counterpart, explains Atty. Sinco during the recent Kapihan sa PIA.
This way, the people realize that they too have ownership of the project and this improves the chances of communities taking care of the project sustainability, he added.
During the recent forum on the air in time for Department of Agrarian Reform Bohol Family Day, both officials reasoned out that it is not the sorry state of the communities that gave Bohol the edge.

While massive poverty in contiguous communities is one major criteria for allotting DAR CARP project funding, both officials also agree that funding agencies find a bias on good track records and in really spilling over development to areas needing one.
This year, according to Dr. del Socorro, Negros Oriental tails Bohol with two project proposals while Cebu and Siquijor each have one.

Eyed as funding agency for this year's identified sites in agrarian cluster communities is Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), PARO Sinco said.
Over the fears of farmers about the end of the government social justice program, DAR is again in communities to continue the mission to distribute public lands to landless tenants.
Modeling for the government, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in fact placed her husband's vast estates under the land reform program.
Presidential Economic Spokesperson Gary Olivar said the land reform program is part of the 10-point agenda of the President and her administration.

According to Olivar, the President, by distributing the land owned by her husband, Jose Miguel Arroyo, demonstrates that she is serious about implementing the law and doesn't matter if her family gets hurt in the process. (PIA) 

Trinidad Bohol Politics

Mayor Baby Cajes, 'no babe in the  political woods in 3-in-1 concoction' 
By Boy Guingguing, Sunday Post

 Life the hot coffee we used to know as 3-in-1, there is a political equivalent concocted by the most clever politician Bohol has ever known.

 Pardon our description but this is not meant to despise our favorite politician, who is at it again in his role as an astute political animal.

 Truth is, we adore to high heavens his honesty and sincerity in public service that even in his twilight years he is still a force to reckon with.

 The adjective "clever" is therefore complimentary given his colorful political career which to this day still  the envy of his peers.

 We are referring to Gov. Erico Aumentado's announcement in Trinidad that Cong. Roberto "Ondoy" Cajes is a candidate for vice governor. For Aumentado, it was a calculated gambit in making the announcement right in Cajes' territory. Never mind that in the same forum, he also made a formal declaration of his bid to run for his old Congress seat in the second district.

 Of course, the governor was making a tight balancing act as he made the announcement bearing in mind that he should not commit the mistake of opening his mouth as to whoever is his anointed one for governor. As of last report, the governor was as evasive as ever not to make a categorical statement who between his close allies—Cong. Edgar Chatto and V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera who are all eyeing the position he is vacating.

  "It's a party decision", he said, matter-of-factly.

 Meanwhile, talks are ripe that Cajes is the vice governor of choice of Cong. Edgar Chatto. The governor in turn was reported to be rooting for V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera  and in many occasions, he was quoted as having endorsed the vice governor as the next governor.

 If this information is validated no less than the governor, then Herrera is it.

  In fact, in one instance in an affair in Mabini, what was this we hear that the governor has endorsed Board Member Conching Lim as the vice governor of Herrera. This was confirmed by V-Gov. Herrera because he was there when the governor made the announcement.

 Now back to the Trinidad sortie. If we have to read between the lines, part of the governor's opening salvo in naming the congressman as candidate for vice governor (may be short of telling his audience that he is  my candidate) was in line with the 3-in-1 concoction.

 As in the 3-in-1 coffee preparation, the governor is the coffee while the congressman is the cream. The sugar here is of course Mayor Baby Cajes. That makes the 3-in-1 combination.

 Certainly, no babe in the woods of second district politics, Baby Cajes, the Trinidad mayor, is a factor in the –3-in-1 equation considering her proximity to the power to be vacated by her husband.

 But with the lady mayor out of the running,  Aumentado's fresh crack at the congressional plum will go unchallenge from a serious contender.

 This means that the Aumentado announcement made in Cajes' turf succeeded in creating the impression that the comeback kid was able to disarm the lady mayor if at all she's nursing any ambition to succeed her husband. Yes, indeed, why in the first place would he made the Cajes' announcement in Trinidad? Why not in his hometown Ubay?

 With the personalities of a 3-in-1 scenario identified as beneficiaries  given Aumentado's positioning in Trinidad, the configuration   more or less clear the air of the smog of  a Cajes run for vice governor.  As for Mayor Cajes,  seeking  reelection is a path of least  resistance and she can comfort herself that if  Aumentado will run out of excuses to run again, then she can fill in the leadership vacuum.

 For his comeback bid, Aumentado is a shoo-in for reelection. Never mind those pretenders who think that being a public servant is synonymous to public nuisance.

 Like his favorite beverage, a good wine mellows with age. At his age, he has mellowed through the years, and by all indications, he knows what it takes to win an election. For sure, he has not receded his hairline if he is wet between those ears.

 As for Mayor Cajes, she can wait. When she doused cold water to speculations that she is not even thinking of challenging Aumentado, it was one mark of leadership that speaks volumes of the lady's sincerity to good governance. After all, as mayor of Trinidad, she is still the woman to beat in the coming 2010 mayoralty contest.    

Bohol Island Rabies Free?


  Zero may be a record that nobody wants to hold. But when it comes to rabies cases, the rule of thumb is the lower the number, the better the performance is.

  And Bohol is gunning for just that: zero record.

  This after eight – going nine – months into 2009, the province has not encountered any case of human or canine rabies yet.

  Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, provincial veterinarian, expressed hope that Bohol's record will stay as such until the year ends and onwards.

  This after the province launched an innovative program designed to make the anti-rabies campaign sustainable: integrating rabies awareness and responsible pet ownership in the elementary school curriculum – on top of dog registration, vaccination and elimination where required.

  In collaboration with the Makati City-based IP Foundation (IPF), a non-profit organization that advocates affordable and accessible health care and bridging the digital divide, Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado embarked on another convergence project – printing of rabies manuals for distribution to teachers in public elementary schools.

  Lapiz said statistics show that Bohol registered 10 cases of human rabies in 2007 and five in 2008 wherein all – most of them schoolchildren – died.

  As such, Aumentado found it imperative to increase awareness in rabies as well as responsible pet ownership in schoolchildren who will become parents themselves in the future.

  To achieve this, he signed an executive order mandating the reproduction of a rabies manual and distributing them to all elementary school teachers in the province for use as reference material starting school year 2009-2010, for which the Bohol schools division superintendent shall provide periodic reports on its implementation to the Provincial School Board.

  As such, parents can now expect their children to recite figures, perform mathematical operations and other functions using sample problems geared towards rabies awareness in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino and Makabayan.

  Parents and guardians may now find more frequent and urgent the requests from their children or wards to register, vaccinate and put on leash their pet dogs.

  The use of the manuals was piloted in Corella town but Aumentado said Supt. Elpidio Jala has reported that the distribution of the reference material to all teachers has been completed. 

Jagna Bohol Katas Ng E-vat

      A pre-fiesta gift from the Katas ng E-VAT for Lolo and Lola arrived on time on September 9 before the townspeople will celebrate the feast of St. Michael the Archangel on the 29th.

      The much-awaited cash gifts that drew a sort of skepticism on the part of the doubting senior citizens turned out into a big affair of a bundle of joy when 70-year-old up folks and non-pension members of the Federated Senior Citizens' Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) in Jagna converged at the municipal gymnasium to receive P500 each.

      Mayor Exuperio Lloren, together with Social Welfare Officer-in-charge Marcionila Reyes and Acting Municipal Treasurer Raymond Cuadra, worked hard that the amount be released soon and that it would be enough for all entitled FSCAP members.

      The first batch, comprising beneficiaries from the 14 barangays of Jagna, trooped to the gymnasium for the whole day activity.

      The second batch came from the eastern coastal barangays who gathered at the Tubod Mar chapel in the morning. In the afternoon, the four western seaside barangays assigned assembled at the Can-uba chapel for the purpose.

      There were also recipients from upland barangays of barangays Calabacita, Mayana, Balili, Laca and Cabungaan.

      Office of the Senior Citizens' Affairs Chairman Victorino Nayga, FSCAP Municipal president Gregorio Tavera and staff from the DSWD and Treasurer's Office facilitated the whole event. 

Catigbian Bohol Go For Medical Mission 2009

     Catigbian Performance Team showed full support to the 75th Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) medical and feeding mission.

      Prior to the schedule of the provincial-wide medical mission, Catigbian Bohol Mayor Roberto Salinas met with the Local Health Board to discuss preparations for the activity.

      The Municipal Health Office and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office took the lead among the departments that could be involved in the activity.

      Concerns like the venue, transport, participants, volunteers, medicines and food were discussed during the meeting to come up with a systematic flow of the activity.

      The municipal government provided transportation to the target indigent patients, especially to those who came from far-flung barangays.

      A schedule was made for the 22 barangays so as to facilitate orderly consultations for all the patients.

      Those from the far-flung barangays were scheduled in the morning, while patients from the nearby barangays of Poblacion and Poblacion Weste were assigned in the afternoon.

      The medical and feeding mission held at the Catigbian Gym on September 6 started at exactly 8 am as scheduled.

      Rural Health midwives and volunteer nurses from the PCSO manned the registration and took of the beneficiaries' vital signs.

      Twenty municipal scholars assisted and directed the patients as they queued for the consultation.

      The Municipal Health Officer Dr. Jacqueline Majella Uy, along with volunteer doctors- -Dr. Virgilia Salinas Redulla, Dr. Luricelle Pines and Dr. Eldrin Mascarinas attended to a total of 710 patients throughout the day.

      Nurses from the Nurses Assigned to Rural Service (NARS) program, along with other MHO staff distributed the medicines, courtesy of PCSO, and advised the patients accordingly about its dosage.

      The local police and military were also there to provide security.

      Mayor Salinas, his wife, members of the Sangguniang Bayan and department heads were also there to show their support.